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This course has been postponed, but please contact me if you want details and are interested in this content.


Sessions once a month. 

  • I am an Artist, am I an Artist?

  • Career Development.

  • Getting Work Out There.

  • Presentation.

  • Social Media, do I need it?

  • What is the plan?


The business of being an artist can be complex and confusing. Making the work is just part of the process. Once the work is made there are so many things to consider.
After 25 years in the business, I want to share a few ideas in this 6-month course.
It is designed for artists at the beginning of their journey and need some direction. Mid-career artists who need some extra pointers in career development and artists who feel a bit stuck and need a few more ideas to progress.
I will look at what being an artist means, together with a variety of things to consider when applying for exhibition opportunities and how to create them.
Session are once a month to allow research and put into action plans made during the sessions.
Cost: £210.
Email me for the schedule, details and booking.

Email for booking and payment details.


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